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We export and import the following products such as industrial chemicals, raw materials and other chemical products. We can also have an intermediary trade and we strive to satisfy our customers.

Main Import and Export Countries

Asia China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam
Europe UK, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, Austria, Holland, Norway, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Turkey
Oceania Australia, New Zealand
America USA, Mexico
Products and Business Operations
  • ・Industrial Chemicals.
  • ・Natural Products.
  • ・Machinery, Equipment, etc.
  • ・Intermediary Trading Services.


Functional finishing agents for fibers
  • ・Organic agents (washing resistant): antibacterial insect repellent, antibacterial deodorizer,
     ultraviolet radiation inhibitor
  • ・Inorganic agents (silver-based): antibacterial insect repellent, antibacterial deodorizer
  • ・Finishing agent for natural-feel fibers: silk protein, aloe, etc.
  • ・Fluoride-based water and oil repellent: raw materials for finishing agent, finishing chemical
  • ・Water-based polyester resin: antifouling agent, dye bath lubricant, flame retardant, hard
     finishing agent, a variety of binders
  • ・Ink for inkjet dye: sublimated dispersed ink, dispersed ink, reactive ink, pigmented ink,
     UV ink, etc.
  • ・Inkjet dye related products: media, pretreater (machinery: pretreatment devices,
     color developers)
  • ・Others: various surface activating agents, various dyes, natural dyes (for plant dyeing)
Additives for plastics
  • ・Organic antibacterial insect repellents: base agent , master batch
  • ・Inorganic (silver-based) antibacterial insect repellents:: base agent , master batch
  • ・Anti-oxidant, UV absorber, near and far infrared absorber
  • ・Fluororesin, fluoride activating agent
  • ・Others
Raw materials for make-up and additives
  • ・Surface activating agent for emulsifying and distributing make-up
  • ・Natural fats and oils, wax, aloe vera extract, various extracts
  • ・Natural amino acid based additives: sericin, protein
  • ・“3-Methyl-4-isopropylphenol” disinfectant and anti-bacterial agents
     (Applications: hand soap, mouthwash, toothpaste, make-up)
Film and film materials
  • ・Porous film (polyethylene, urethane)
  • ・Other films (polyester, BOPP, OPP, PP, etc.)
  • ・PP primers (water-based, solvent-based)
  • ・Water-based polyester resins, water-based flame retardant polyester resin
  • ・Oil colors (disperse dye)
  • ・Various master batches
  • ・Retroreflective film
Electronic materials, processing agent
  • ・Various lead-in wires (electric wires)
  • ・Silicon wafers, cleaning agents for glass membranes
  • ・Conductive materials
Food additives, etc.
  • ・Food emulsifier: sucrose fatty acid ester, various vegetable fats and oils and fatty acids
  • ・Wheat, tapioca starch (industrial use)
  • ・Biomaterials: mixed feeds (pork, chicken, other) for additives
Industrial product materials
  • ・Phosphoric acid based chelating agent
  • ・Lead silicate soda
  • ・MNBS
  • ・Potassium disulfite
  • ・Plastic drum containers 
  • ・Natural extracts
  • ・PCs
  • ・Gluconate soda
  • ・General inorganic products
  • ・Others
Raw materials for daily products
  • ・Wheat starch
  • ・Sodium tripolyphosphate
  • ・Zeolite
  • ・Others

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