Hika & Co., Ltd. - We're a trading company, propose you the manufacturing and make a marketing research of industrial chemicals and chemical products.

HIKA &Co.,Ltd. | the trading company providing marketing and manufacture of industrial chemicals

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For the brilliant future of the human beings and the earth.|Hika & Co., Ltd.


Creating Future

Hika & Co., Ltd. proposes you the manufacturing of products that are gentle with human being and natural environments and make a marketing research such products. We aim to be a company relied on by customers.

  • Creating strong and characteristic groups.
  • Constructing the strong ties of partnership.
  • Innovation of the sales to succeed to in the next generation.
  • Specialist groups which create near future.

International Business Team

Chalennges and Oppotunities

We export and import industrial chemicals and fine chemicals. We have dealing with various countries in the world especially with Asian and European countries. We can also have an intermediary trade.